Where have I been?

I have not been feeling very well.  Thursday I was so excited about getting my groceries delivered starting next week by Meijer’s, I think all the excitement wore me out.  LOL  Thursday night I was feeling a little off, on Friday I went back to sleep after the kids went to school, and Sergeant Happy went to work and I slept all day.  I had to wake up at 2:30pm so I could get ready to read to Ella’s class.  I read the book Always in Trouble, and then I was able to bring Ella home with me.  I did not get anything done I wanted to on Friday because I was so tired.  I was supposed to go get my nails done, bathe Jelly Bean, and go grocery shopping.  Did any of it get done?  No! So guess who got stuck going grocery shopping on a Saturday?  Me!

I feel much better today!  Still feel a little tired but haven’t fallen asleep since waking up this morning so that is a great sign!  I have been celebrating today.  I had to get my grocery list around, but this is the last time I have to go shop for it!  YAY!  Well I am home from shopping, and everything is put away.  I made a command decision we are getting Chinese for dinner tonight because I do not feel like cooking dinner now.  Ella and I did make chocolate chip cookies, and I made healthy granola. I will have to post the simple, and easy homemade granola recipe I found.

One more thing tonight before I sit down with a good book and take some me time.  Here is a picture I took of my daughter, and her American Girl doll.  They match and it is so cute!




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