Monday is such a beautiful day.

IMG_0618First things first, go to work.  I get to leave today at 10:00am to meet Ella’s class at Frederick Meijer Gardens, for her field trip.  Kids get really excited to visit the butterflies there, well not my daughter.  Ella is scared of butterflies, and really scared of butterflies landing on her.  My job as mom was to protect her, and get her through the butterflies as fast as I can without one landing on her.  Earlier that same morning I received my normal face time from Ella, and she was so upset with me.  “Why did you pick out this shirt for me?  It has flowers on it so the butterflies will land on me”.  So this is my daughter in my coat dodging butterflies.


We spent most of our time walking around, looking at sculptures.  I love hanging out with Ella, she is so much fun. If you have ever been to Frederick Meijer you have seen the huge horse sculpture, well I took Ella’s picture by the hoof of this huge horse, next I notice Ella looking up. I then tell Ella “stop looking at the horses wiener”, she starts giggling, well the horse is anatomically correct, and Ella figured that out.  LOL.


Ella and I decided the bunnies were crying because they have boobies.


My beautiful Ella!

The weather Monday evening was very nice.  The boys have boy scouts at 7:00pm on Mondays, but before that all the kids and I took the dogs for a walk.  The walk was nice until Ella rolled her foot off the edge of the pavement, fell, and rolled her ankle.  Poor girl cried, it hurt.  I am really proud of our kids, all the kids are really taking eating better seriously.  Logan has started running everyday, doing sit ups, and push ups.  I am so proud of my whole family.

What would my life be without Sergeant Happy’s job getting in the way?  The plan was for me to drop the boys off at boy scouts, and Sergeant Happy was going to get out at 7:00pm (his normal time), and head straight to boy scouts.  At 8:20pm I get a text from Sergeant Happy saying “I am walking out the door and will go get the boys when they are done”.  I then responded by telling him that they are done in 10 minutes, I will just go get them.  Well once again “I am walking out” means, I am walking out in 30 minutes.  I have to admit I was very upset, and informed him of it.  I told him I am sorry but my empathy bank is empty.  I feel like I get taken advantage of.  I told him I would have to get the boys so he didn’t walk out like he was supposed to be.  Monday night was one of those nights where I was feeling very overwhelmed, used, and not important.  I know better but sometimes its very hard to remember that.





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