A good parent…

There has been something on my mind since yesterday when a friend/coworker asked if I was able to volunteer at the school carnival.  I told her no because I didn’t like large groups of people like that.  I also informed her that I was planning on taking my daughter to the carnival that night.  Then in the middle of her flapping her lips I heard something to the effects of “its always the same parents that volunteer for everything”.  REALLY?!?  Last time I checked it wasn’t how much I volunteer that makes me a good parent, it is how well I take care of my children, and they have everything they need. This conversation still is with me today.  I would rather spend my time with my kids than away volunteering.  I work full time, am a part time student, and have kids in three different schools.  If I volunteered every time someone needed me I would never be home, and my kids would never have a home cooked dinner.  What is more important?  Needless to say I also have a husband who is a police officer, and things come up quick.  My husband, and I do our volunteering.  Sergeant Happy is active as a boy scout adult leader, I am assistant girl scout leader, and cookie mom, and I input coke reward codes for my daughters school.  I do not owe anyone justification on why I can not volunteer, or why I do not want to spend my whole life away from home volunteering.  I am a great mom, and my kids are happy!


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