Sunday, Sunday….

What a great weekend.  Friday I was able to spend the whole day while the kids were at school, with Sergeant Happy.  He took me to the dentist, shopping, and lunch.  The best part was the nap when we got home.  Then it was off to run a girl scout cookie booth at our local gas station, I love this time with my daughter.  I get to dance, wave, and hold a cookie sign on the corner with my daughter doing her crazy dances. Ella is so crazy, I think she is such a fun little girl.  I will say though, after standing on the cement for 3 hours, my left heal killed.  I have planter fasciitis in my left heal which can be very painful.

Saturday was very nice. Woke up with Ella, cuddled with her, and then wrote my grocery list.  Sergeant Happy, and I decided the family needs to eat healthier, this is difficult with our son, Mason because he is a very picky eater. We had a family meeting, discussing this with the kids.  We decided we wouldn’t stock chips, and snacks unless it is healthy.  Sergeant Happy went grocery shopping with me, which was very nice because normally I go alone.  We watched the movie Passengers, I thought it was a very good movie.

Sunday morning 6:00am means work, yuck. That means I need to wake up by 4:45am on a Sunday morning.  Sunday morning is a easy drive to work because hardly anyone is on the road, but it is hard to get out of bed when everyone else is sleeping.  I always get a face time Sunday morning when my Ella wakes up.  I enjoy our first face time of the day, it is the 2nd-5th that are rough.  LOL!  The good thing about working on Sunday is I get out by 2:00pm, and have the rest of the day with my family.  This afternoon has been very busy, I had watermelon, and cantaloupe to cut up.  I hard boiled some eggs, and made fruit pizza to.  Dinner was delicious, Sergeant Happy grilled some steaks.  I made salad, roasted green beans and mushrooms, and we had fruit.

Do you know what it means to have two boy scouts, one adult boy scout leader, and one girl scout?  It means a lot of time figuring out where badges go, and putting them all on.  I love this stuff called “Badge Magic”, it comes in sheets that I purchase at the boy scout store.  “Badge Magic” is a life saver, I don’t have to sew all the badges on.  I am grateful that Sergeant Happy helped me cut the badge magic or I might still be at it.  Sergeant Happy wasn’t in a very good mood earlier today, I am glad he cheered up.  Right now it is 8:20pm and I just got to sit down, and finish today’s blog post.  I love my life.




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