Thursday, my Friday!

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It’s my Friday!

I work Sunday-Thursday, its my Friday baby!  At first the thought of working Sunday instead of Friday didn’t sit well with me, but after a few years of this schedule I like it.  I do miss my lazy Sunday mornings at home with my husband, but I enjoy being able to make appointments, and go grocery shop while the kids are in school on Friday.  In the summer it is nice to be home with the kids on Friday .  Tomorrow Sergeant Happy is off, so we have the day together.  I have a dentist appointment in the morning, then we are going to get Sergeant Happy some more slacks, shirts, and ties for work. Yes he is spoiled!

Thursday nights can get pretty hectic for me when my oldest son has PLC meetings for boy scouts at 7:00pm.   As an assistant leader for my daughters girl scout troop I need to be at the meetings which are every other Thursday 5:30p-7;00pm.  Today was one of those days, I can’t be two places at once.  We are lucky the boy scout cabin is 1 mile from our home so if I need him to my son can walk.  I received a text from Sergeant Happy saying he was going to get out of work at 6:30pm so he can get Logan to scouts for me.  A regular person would be less stressed and happy, well a LEO wife knows not to count on anything to go in her favor.  So at 6:42pm I send a text to Sergeant Happy making sure he left, well to no surprise he hadn’t, and was walking out in a “sec”.  Well I have learned that a “sec” can mean a lot of things, but it never means a second. LOL!  Well then I get another message apologizing, and telling me that a lady for a case called and he had to talk to her.  Well here is where I have to use empathy.  It is easy for me to think “once again someone else comes before us”, but I have to stop, and think.  This is an example of when it is hard not to get jealous as a LEO wife.




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